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  Strictly control every process, dedicatedly produce qualified auto parts

  Strictly in accordance with ISO9001:2008 and TS16949:2009 Quality Management System requirements, we try to meet quality targets in terms of manual work, machine operation, material quality, laws and regulations observance and environment protection and other aspects, with special emphasis on manufacturing and inspection processes. We are equipped with the first-class GO-HD05 color assessment chamber for transportation and vehicle lamps, high-precision swivel table and high-precision and optical probe and synchronous optical technology. Meanwhile, we have test system to meet the standards of GB, SAE, JIS and ECE.


HASS-2000 spectrum analyzer, integrating sphere

Salt-spray test chamber


Thermal shock box

CMM meter

   More inspection, more guarantee

  We have established laboratory according to GP10 standard. It is equipped with photometer and testing equipment, such as flame retardant box of auto interior decoration, salt-spray test chamber, thermal shock box to ensure products quality. We continue to invest more in experimental equipment. In order to ensure LED product quality, we have established color assessment chamber for car lamps, which is equipped with an integrated smart inspection system of optical, mechanic, electric equipment and computer. Its characteristics of fast measurement, convenient operation and high measurement precision add to the products quality.

 High / low temperature hygrothermal test box

Flame retardant box of auto interior decoration 

Heat ageing box


Electrostatic generator

Luminance meter


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